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For more information, please feel free to contact me. You can also follow @sweatwithkathryn on instagram for all outdoor classes and details.  


Stroller Fit

Our Stroller Fit classes are exactly what you think. Mamas, babies and stroller’s, out for a stroll. These classes are designed to get you outside, moving, and meeting other mamas. We will walk, squat, lung, sweat and socialize, a total mama workout. We have classes in Oakville & in Burlington running weekly during the Spring, Summer and Fall Months.


Class details are all posted on my Instagram account @sweatwithkathryn. 


Mama Kicks Ass

Mama Baby Toddler Classes +

Mama Evening BooTCAMP

Our Mama Baby+ Toddler are a series of classes that are designed to get you moving with your baby. We will distract the little one with music, baby shakers and movement, while we get you sweating! 


Our mama baby classes include mama yoga, mama bootcamp, mummy tummy core, mama TRX, mama Cardio Core and mama barre.


These classes are designed for post-prego mamas to whip you back into pre-baby shape and feeling like YOU again. Because your health and wellbeing is vital to your babies.


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