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Check out some of Sweat With Kathryn Success stories. Thanks to all the ladies who continue their journey with me. Learn more about what programs I have, click here!

I've noticed a massive change in my strength and endurance. I'm also down to a size 4 from a size 8, thanks Kat!

Ten, mama of two

is down 25lbs in 6 months and has never felt better! 


“Kat and the Mamafitness and Sweat community have been absolutely amazing during both my pregnancies from prenatal right through to postnatal and beyond. I am so happy I found Kathryn, I don’t know where I’d be without her. Kat’s programming has been a huge support during my Maternity from a health and wellness perspective. During Covid she’s been the light, the positive vibe; always encouraging and such a valuable resource. She really cares and helps you achieve your goals no matter how big or small. So much of my knowledge, positive experiences and amazing mama memories have been a result of me being involved in Kat’s programming. She is the motivation I need and offers the classes I actually look forward to attending. Kat, thank you for making me a stronger Mama for my family, for my kids and myself couldn’t have done it without you!”


“I have attended Kat’s class over the last 4.5 years and she always gives a killer workout! I’ve done her TRX class, mom and baby/toddler boot camp, prenatal yoga, and virtual mama boot camp. She is always mindful in her classes to provide post-natal modifications. Her challenges have been so helpful as well with getting back on track especially when I was on such a restricted diet when breast feeding (gluten free, dairy free). She is so knowledgeable in the female body especially pre and post-natal. Being a mom of multiple young children, I struggled with finding fitness classes that I could bring all of my kids to since most post-partum fitness classes were only for mom & baby. What I really appreciated (when we had in-person classes) was that Kat is one of the very few fitness companies that allowed babies AND toddlers into all of her classes. Kat is an amazing coach and anyone that takes her classes won’t be disappointed!”


"Kat has been one of the hardest working, supportive, adaptive and motivating instructors that I have ever worked with. I’m onto my 3rd pregnancy and Kat has had me covered each step of the way. From prenatal yoga, stroller fit, mama boot camp, to one-on-one instruction when I needed it - she does it all! She truly goes above and beyond in everything she does and provides me with so much more than just physical support - she has connected me to an amazing group of women and shared countless helpful resources. I would highly recommend anyone to Kat for all things health and fitness!"


"What ever wellness journey you’re on, Kat has a plan for you. Kat’s Mama Bootcamps are a great way start feeling strong and confident again. The bootcamp workouts are super challenging and yield results, but never at the expense of your post natal progression. Kat not only works one-on-one in group session but has also built a community of likeminded humans who support in kindness and respect... just like Kat!

Looking for personal training? Kat will program workouts just for you. I have never experienced such incredible results. Kat took the time to understand my goals and fitness level and built a plan Taylor Made for me! Coach Kat cares about you; mind, body and soul. You won’t find anyone else quite like her."

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